Fitness Chalet got a chance to interview celebrity Chef Wayne Elias courtesy of Monica at the Fit Expo and we are thankful to able to chat the veteran chef.

Chef Wayne and Crumble Catering will mark its 16th year as the chef and catering company for the Elton John Aids Foundation Oscars Viewing Party at West Hollywood Park on February 9th, 2020

Chef Wayne had already established a successful catering business and through his network was able to get in touch with Elton John whom he met 16 years ago and gradually became one of the top chefs in the nation to cater and provide mouth watering meals for events ranging from the Grammy’s and Oscars!  Chef Wayne menus are thoroughly thought out and planned for months in advanced with preparations for the menu a day before the event to keep the freshness and integrity of the menu at its peak!  In order to create a menu that encompasses every guest he makes sure that he provides no nuts in any of his dishes in case of an allergy and sources the best ingredients and produce from local farmers in California.  Chef Wayne is very fond of Asian and French Cuisines and considers them classic meals that will also exist.  He has also seen many food trends within his professional careers, ranging from keto, Atkins, meat diets, but does see the plant based and vegan diets here to stay.  Cauliflower is a popular vegetable in recent years and he is providing a special dish at the Oscars next week for his hundreds of guests.  For more information please log on to the before websites, and if you are one of the lucky guests to sample his menu at the Oscars we know that you will be in for a tantalizing experience! 


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