XL Aerobic Step Risers (Pair)


Aerobic Step Riser for XL Step

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Single Aerobic Step (X-Large Size) additional riser. Add height to your steps with these additional risers. Please note, this is for a pair of risers.

   Want to burn more calories when using the Step aerobic fitness system?
Turn to these Step blocks, which increase the height of your Step
platform to better challenge your leg muscles and cardiovascular system.
The block bundle, which comes with two blocks, accommodates step
surfaces that measure 40 by 14 inches, including the original Step
platform (not included). The blocks support up to 200 pounds.

Product Description

Original Health Club Circuit and Cardio Step Additional risers for the
Original Health Club Step. Sold in pairs of black or violet. 7 lbs
  • Pair of blocks for original Step platform
  • Blocks increase height of Step aerobic system
  • Accommodates 40-by-14-inch platforms
  • Supports up to 200 pounds
  • Step platform not included

Additional information

Weight5 lbs


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