Push Pull Sled


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Heavy gauge Black Powder Coated steel with 500 pounds capacity. Includes harness hooks for external harness push + pull workouts, PLUS the handles pop out for quick direction changes.

Incorporating a sled a part of your workouts will turn your hard work during practice to real time results on the field. It is the first choice in training for the explosive and intensive speed required in a variety of sports. Push it or pull it, the sled is the perfect training tool for developing powerful leg drive and improving overall acceleration and speed. Using the sled, will target all your lower body muscles such as the calves, thigh, and quad muscle or target stride length using the belt/harness. By simply add weights to the sled, you will be also strengthening your core while performing short bust training, chest/shoulder press, twists or mimic any activities in every sports.

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Weight100 lbs
Dimensions49 × 26 × 40 in