Blue 150 LB Resistance Rubber Strength Bands



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Red - 5-25 lb
Black - 5-35 lb
Purple - 30-65 lb
Green - 80-100 lb
Blue - 60-150 lb
Orange - 70-175

These bands are best used for general conditioning, rehabilitation, stretching, aerobics as well as assisting in building upper body and lower body strength. For the advanced weight lifter, these bands can help obtain maximum resistance on squats, deadlifts, leg press and chest presses.

DISCLAIMER Inspect your bands thoroughly BEFORE EVERY use for any tears, wear, or damage. Bands are not toys and should not be treated as such. Bands should be kept out of the reach of younger children to avoid possible injury. Younger athletes should be supervised when using the bands. If you use the bands for resisted running drills always use at least 4 bands of equal size and use #4 bands or stronger. The bands should be looped together and never knotted. Always undo the loops after each use. This will prevent excessive wear at the contact points. Never use a door as an anchor. Never stretch any band more than twice its original length. When you purchase the bands you agree to use them for the intended purpose and at your own risk.

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